Socket Cap Screws - Metric

You often need socket cap screws metric for various projects. Socket cap screws are known for partially threaded shafts and their tall heads. The must be tough and durable, too, if they are to help your projects meet their full potential.

Metric cap screws are all driven by a hex key, and they are available in multiple quality grades of steel. With their cylindrical heads and tall vertical sides, metric socket cap screws will help you make the most out of your next project and even give you greater precision during your next job.

What Are Metric Socket Cap Screws?

Metric socket cap screws are one type of cap screws that have a round head and an Allen drive hole. They are a kind of threaded fastener, and the head of these screws has a diameter about 1.5 times larger than a screw's shank diameter.

These screws come in different steel options depending on your needs. For example, if you need moderate corrosion resistance, high-strength treated alloy steel such as zinc works well. Stainless steel metric cap screws are the ideal solution for saltwater and chlorine environments. A steel black oxide finish can also give your metric socket cap screw a matte black color that also helps resist corrosion.

What Are Metric Cap Screws Used for?

Metric socket head cap screws are an excellent solution for applications with limited space. Their cylindrical head and hexagon socket allow metric cap screws to fit in locations where externally wrenched fasteners won't work. Some of the most common uses for these screws include:

  • Critical vehicle applications
  • Machine tools
  • Tools and dies
  • Mining and earth-moving machinery
  • Multiple engineering applications

It's important to use metric socket cap screws in specific industries and applications where you can achieve greater safety, reliability and economy. Compared to ordinary fasteners, you need fewer metric cap screws of the same size to get the same clamping force in a joint. Since this requires fewer screws, you don't have to drill and tap as many holes in a job.

You will also experience a weight reduction when you use fewer screws. Since metric cap screws have smaller heads than other screws and require less space, you won't need any additional wrench space. Using fewer screws can save you time and money on a job, and drilling fewer holes can also improve your efficiency.

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