Spike Impact Anchors

Spike impact anchors are one-piece anchors that expand to provide a tight grip as they're driven into a base material. Installing spike anchors is fast and easy, and they stay incredibly secure once inserted. For these reasons, impact anchors are among the most popular options for fastening to concrete, brick, block and other masonry materials.

Simple Anchor Installation and Secure Results

Like many concrete anchors, spike impact anchors expand to increase grip on the base material. However, the simplicity of the spike anchor's design and installation give it a unique appeal.

The spike impact anchor comes in one piece with an "s" shaped curve at the working end. This curve serves as the anchor's expansion mechanism — as you drive it into a drilled hole, the expansion mechanism activates and provides a spring compression against the surrounding material, which keeps the anchor and the fixture it's holding locked firmly in place.

The impact anchor is also simpler to install compared to other anchors because it comes already expanded. Since the spike anchor expands simultaneously as it's installed, it eliminates the need for a secondary tightening operation, which makes it convenient as well as cost-effective.

Even without the extra tightening step, spike anchors are strong and tamper-proof, so they're a popular choice for many applications. Common uses for them include concrete framing, pipe hanging and any other tamper-proof applications that require fastening to concrete, brick, stone or other masonry materials.

Spike Impact Anchors for Commercial Construction

Construction professionals need anchors that can meet strength requirements while still being easy to install. If you work on construction projects that involve fastening to masonry materials, you might need spike impact anchors. Their easy installation process can save you time and money, all while providing reliable, tamper-proof results.

At FMW Fasteners, you'll find quality impact anchors in a variety of sizes to meet your specifications. You can order in bulk for your business or purchase the exact amount you need to get the job done. We'll also provide fast and free shipping on qualified orders, so you'll have the fastening products you need when you need them.

Spike Impact Anchors for Home Projects

Homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts might also need spike impact anchors for projects around the house. Due to their easy installation process, these anchors can provide the perfect solution for simple tasks.

When you shop with FMW Fasteners, you'll find spike anchors suitable for any project. You can choose zinc-plated ones for indoor use or more weather-resistant stainless steel versions for outdoor use, for example.

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Get Spike Impact Anchors From FMW Fasteners

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