Cable Ties

FMW Fasteners has a wide range of cable ties, including mini cable ties and heavy-duty options to fit your every need. Learn more about our cable tie options and find the best choice for your purposes. 

What Are Cable Ties?

Cable ties are fasteners most often made from nylon, while some ties are made from metal. Cable ties are long, grooved strips with a head that the tail feeds into. These ties work by creating a ratchet effect between the tail and the head. 

Once you pull the tail through, the teeth lock the tail into place and prevent the tie from loosening. You can make the circumference as tight as you need, but you cannot undo the tie once it's tightened. The cable tie's tightening mechanism creates a strong seal that holds items in place until you cut off the cable tie. 

What Can I Do With Cable Ties?

You can find cable ties in a wide range of industries and potential applications due to their versatility. These tools are ideal for fastening many types of materials. Cable ties are also popular in DIY and at-home projects. 

Popular uses of cable ties include: 

  • - Securing wires together.
  • - Binding packages.
  • - Connecting papers.
  • - Hanging objects.
  • - Attaching items to a wall or the floor.

As a business owner or independent buyer, you can accomplish your goals with the help of cable ties. These versatile fasteners are a great choice for any project, and we have plenty of styles to meet your demands. 

Types of Cable Ties

We offer several different types of cable ties. All of our cable ties come in two colors, either natural or UV black. Our cable ties and related products include:

  • - Miniatures cable ties: Our miniature cable ties are 4-, 6- and 8-in. long and hold up to 18 pounds. If you need small cable ties for petite objects, these mini cable ties are an excellent option. 
  • - Heavy-duty cable ties: Our heavy-duty ties are between 24- and 48-in. long and hold up to 175 pounds. When you need extra strength, heavy-duty ties will get the job done. 
  • - Cable tie mounts: Cable tie mounts attach to a surface. These mounts let you securely fasten wires, tools, and other objects to a flat surface by slipping the cable tie through the mount and around the item. 

We also have standard, intermediate and light heavy cable ties. They hold 50 pounds, 40 pounds and 120 pounds minimum, respectively. Our range of options ensures that you'll find suitable materials for your project. 

Find Cable Ties in Bulk Today

At FMW Fasteners, we're committed to providing you with fast, reliable service. We offer competitive pricing on our cable ties and other parts. When you order with us, you'll get fast, free shipping, so you can get your cable ties whenever you need them!

We handle all freight work and requirements to take the stress off your shoulders. If you change your mind or want to return your order, we have a hassle-free return policy that guarantees you a full refund for "as new" products at any time.

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