Finished Hex Nuts - Metric

You need a surplus of metric hex nuts to get through any project. Some of the most widely used nuts today, thesedevices are essential for structural purposes, automobiles and machinery.

When your task calls for a variety of metric hex nut dimensions and styles, find what you’re looking for at FMW Fasteners. We serve both construction professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts with quality fastening products at the best possible prices.

What Are Finished Hex Nuts?

Finished hex nuts are designed to create joint connections with metric hex bolts. These hardware accessories are ideal for clamping wood and steel base materials together, as the units are capable of holding heavy loads for years at a time. As the name implies, hex nuts have a six-sided exterior surface for optimum grip and torque, and they call for an adjustable wrench or socket-tool for placement.

Metric hex nuts are ideal for projects in which you have clear access to both sides of a base material and standard wood or metal screws are not powerful enough to secure sensitive loads. Finished nuts from FMW Fasteners are user-friendly, and our products are available in zinc-plated and stainless steel options for durability and corrosion resistance.

Benefits of Metric Hex Nuts

The finished hex nuts on our online store appeal to first-time builders as well as construction professionals. As long as you pair finished nuts with correctly mated hex bolts, installations take just seconds to complete. If you want flexibility with fastening assignments, finished nuts are removable and can be used more than once between projects (based on condition).

Having a supply of hex nuts on hand is useful since the hardware fastens with traditional tools you likely already have. Streamline your daily tasks with selections suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Installing Finished Nuts

The process for installing finished nuts may include multiple steps if your task involves drilling prior to bolt placement. Start your installation by lining up the materials you wish to fasten, and mark your drill points with a pencil. Then, locate an electric drill with an appropriate bit for your project and create a pilot hole for the hex bolt threading to pass through.

Clear any dust and debris out of the pilot hole and drop your hex bolt down into the opening. Look at the opposite side of the fixture, place a washer on the threaded end and use your fingers to start tightening the hex nut. Continue tightening the assembly until you see the washer and hex nut make contact with the base material. Finally, use a socket wrench to secure the finishing nut to the preferred level of resistance.

Keep in mind that all installation pieces should utilize matching materials and finishes. In other words, if you purchase a zinc-plated metric hex nut, ensure your washers and bolts are of the same variety. Keeping these factors consistent helps prevent loose connections and over-tightening.

Buy Metric Hex Nuts for Commercial Uses

Where can you find on-demand access to metric hex nuts? The answer: FMW Fasteners. We have an expanding inventory that caters to your projects for repeat success.

FMW Fasteners is proud to partner with construction crews and commercial businesses across the country for high-quality hardware and accessories. Our supply of finished nuts makes it possible to assemble the machinery and equipment your clients expect to see within restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping centers and beyond. If your company operates in the following areas, our metric hex nuts will keep your project deadlines right on schedule:

  • - Installing HVAC machinery
  • - Connecting structural beams
  • - Replacing wooden floors
  • - Mounting electrical boxes
  • - Performing automobile engine maintenance
  • - Securing plumbing pipes and ductwork


Using Metric Hex Nuts for Residential Projects

Quality materials are the foundation of any personal project, so we’re pleased to make our metric hex nuts and other fastening materials available to everyone. When you’re starting a do-it-yourself project and want pristine results, make FMW Fasteners your hardware supplier.

Experts at FMW Fasteners want you to take control of your residential space with our collection of finishing nuts. Our products stand as perfect solutions for repairs and original creations around the house, and we have what you need to take your woodworking skills to the next level. We commonly see our metric hex nuts used for making furniture, hanging up cabinetry and enhancing storage rooms with shelving.

Why Buy Finished Nuts at FMW Fasteners?

At FMW Fasteners, we are dedicated to exceptional customer service, quick deliveries and hassle-free returns. We separate ourselves from the competition by allowing you to create custom order quantities with your budget in mind. If you are unsure how many hex nuts your team needs, feel free to send us back any unused products — we accept like-new returns no questions asked.

We understand our customers are following strict deadlines, so we fulfill orders fast and ship shortly after your confirmation. Free shipping is available on all qualifying products, and there are no expiration dates with our return policy.

Place Your Order for Metric Hex Nuts at FMW Fasteners

Our selection of metric hex nuts is waiting for you to explore. Acquire exactly what you need when you choose FMW Fasteners. Industry-leading products generate long-lasting results, so we offer nothing but the best in metric hex nuts and other materials.

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