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Hanger Bolt Drivers

A hanger bolt looks a little bit different than other fasteners, but it can be an invaluable material for many different types of projects.

What does a hanger bolt look like? First, it has no head. A hanger bolt looks more like a peg that includes two different types of threading. At one end, you’ll find threading for driving into wood. On the other end, you’ll find threading that’s designed for fasteners like machine nuts.

What are hanger bolts used for? Most often, they are used to do one of two things:

  1. Attach items to wood (Such as table legs)

  2. Suspend things from wood (ledger board for stairs, etc.). The lag screw threading is used to drive into the wood portion and the machine screw threading is used on the other end.

You may also encounter other names for hanger bolts — labels like “hanger screws,” “couch bolts,” “headless hanger bolts” and more. There are many advantages and uses for hanger bolts, but you’ll need a hanger bolt driver to install one properly.

Here’s a look at how to use a hanger bolt driver as well as some key things to consider and avoid when using a hanger bolt driver for installing hanger bolts.

How to Install Hanger Bolts Using a Hanger Bolt Driver

Given the unique nature of a hanger bolt, installing one can be just a little bit complex when compared to installing other types of fasteners. There’s nothing to be afraid of, so long as you know what you’re doing going into a project.

Here’s a look at how to use a hanger bolt driver to properly install hanger bolts:

  1. Pilot Holes: You’ll find that creating pilot holes makes installing a hanger bolt into the wood end just a little bit easier. Use a drill bit that’s a little narrower than the hanger bolt’s wood-end diameter and use that bit to drill the small pilot hole. You’ll want to be exact, of course, so that whatever you’re creating is perfectly aligned. But drilling this simple pilot hole will make installing the wood end of the hanger bolt far easier than it would be otherwise. If you choose not to drill a pilot hole, you risk cracking or splitting the wood during installation.

  2. Attach Driver: Attach your driver tool to the machine-threaded end of the hanger bolt and then place the driver tool into your drill chuck. Make sure all components are tight. Once you start driving the hanger bolt, any loose connections can lead to issues with your hanger bolt — and can even damage the wood into which you're trying to drive the hanger bolt.

  3. Start Drilling: Once everything is tight and ready to go, start the drill — but start it slowly. You'll want to be sure the hanger bolt is driving in perfectly straight fashion before pumping up the speed. Know before you start drilling how much exposed bolt you need on the machine-threaded end, and leave that much available before you stop drilling. Once you've driven it the desired amount, simply put the drill into reverse and the driver will remove itself from the hanger bolt.

If you go too far with your drilling and need to back off just a little bit, you'll need to get two hex nuts. Place the two hex nuts onto the machine-threaded end of the hanger bolt so they’re about halfway down its length. Place them back-to-back and then use a wrench to latch onto the second nut. This will allow you to unscrew the hanger bolt just enough until you reach the desired exposed length on the machine end.

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