Rivet Fasteners

High-quality rivets are key components in construction work of many different types, but no two rivets are exactly the same. You’ll find you often need rivets in different styles, sizes and materials. Don’t go searching through hardware store after hardware store on a hunt for the rivets you need. Turn to FMW Fasteners instead.

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Rivet Buying Guide

Rivets are a small, lightweight type of fastener without threads that are most commonly used to permanently secure two materials together, although they can be removed if needed. A rivet is made up of a cylindrical shaft inserted through a pre-drilled hole, a fixed head and a tail that is passed through the body of the rivet using a specialized tool, the pop-rivet gun. Once the tail has been placed, the pop-rivet gun compresses it to fit over the opening, fastening the rivet securely in place.

Rivets are one of the most cost-effective, durable and strong fasteners available, often used for securing thin materials like gauge metal together. Common uses for fastening rivets include duct work, aluminum siding, home construction, sign assembly, woodworking and even aerospace manufacturing.

The most common types of rivets include:

  • Large flange pop rivets: The larger sized head adds durability and strength to the fastener for improved, long-term performance.
  • Button head rivets: For small, tight spaces and a smooth finish, button head rivets are ideal.
  • Painted button head rivets: If the final product will be on display, complete the look with a painted head finish.

A Variety of Rivets for Every Need From FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a variety of different rivets available in several rivet and mandrel combinations, sizes and materials to accommodate your specific project needs. The most popular type of rivet we offer is our button rivet available in stainless steel, steel and aluminum. The button rivet head is small and unobtrusive, ideal for creating a clean, secure appearance. A button head rivet is best used for HVAC projects and installations, construction jobs and more.

If you're having difficulty choosing the right size or rivet material for your needs, reach out to our knowledgeable team for help and guidance on the appropriate type of rivet for long-term, dependable results.

Choosing the Correct Rivet Size for Your Project

Part of having an effective, long-lasting product is choosing the right type of fastener from the beginning. While it may be easy to just choose a rivet and adapt your project to fit the fastener, it's best to understand the different rivet sizing options available and select a quality product for superior results.

There are three different dimensions to consider when choosing rivets. To measure a rivet, note the following:

  • Rivet diameter: Rivets are typically measured by 32nds of an inch.
  • Maximum grip length: The grip length is the largest thickness of the materials, and for rivets, this is measured in 16ths of an inch.
  • Mandrel diameter: To find the most appropriate mandrel diameter, determine which size best suits your pop-rivet gun size.

By properly measuring your materials and finding the appropriate rivet size, you can ensure lasting and secure fittings. You can also select rivet sizes by considering the types of materials you intend on fastenings, noting how soft the material is and how many rivets you intend on using — larger rivet heads have an increased bearing size, resisting the pull-through and frequent vibrations while smaller rivet heads should be considered if you're hoping for a smooth final finish and flush rivet.

All the Rivet Fasteners You Need at FMW Fasteners

Having a hard time finding the right rivet-mandrel combination at the right price? At FMW Fasteners, we choose to offer our rivet fasteners and other products as part of a huge selection — because you need options to find the perfect solutions for your projects. Our wide selection of rivet fasteners includes: Steel Rivet/Steel Mandrel, Aluminum Rivet/Aluminum Mandrel, Aluminum Rivet/Steel Mandrel, Stainless Steel Rivet/Stainless Steel Mandrel, and Stainless Steel Rivet/Steel Mandrel.

Don’t settle for a rivet fastening solutions that “almost” meets your needs or that just “kind of” delivers the results you want. Make sure you’re getting your ideal solution when you choose FMW Fasteners for your rivet fastening needs.

Making the Process Simple and Easy

You enjoy high-quality products and a streamlined customer experience when you choose FMW Fasteners. Find your open-end rivets, stainless steel rivets, aluminum rivets, hollow rivets, steel pop rivets and more in our huge selection.

Order your rivet fasteners in the exact amount you need, too. Enjoy free shipping on all qualified orders, and return your purchase at any time if it doesn’t work for you. It’s that simple when you choose FMW Fasteners as your provider.

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