Bulk Carriage Bolts

Both building and construction projects require strong carriage bolts to get jobs done correctly. Choosing a subpar type of fastening hardware could put your entire operation at risk, so the experts at FMW Fasteners connect you to products that offer premium durability at cost-friendly prices. You and your team can use carriage bolts in wood to build structures such as wooden decks, furniture, and more in no time thanks to our expanding online store stocked with the latest technology.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of carriage bolts for commercial and residential assignments. Our carriage bolts for sale are the perfect way to promote safe working conditions as well as boost productivity on-site for less downtime between projects. Click through our inventory for various sizes and dimensions in your choice of hot-dipped galvanized bolts and nuts, zinc plated bolts or stainless steel bolt finishes.


A carriage bolt is a piece of hardware featuring a flat mushroom head, square neck and threading for wood fastening applications. Designed for heavy-duty loads, a carriage bolt is a go-to option any time you want to lock two structures together in a clamp-like fashion. Using a carriage bolt for your indoor and outdoor projects sets you up for long-term success, as these accessories are engineered to be permanent fastening solutions.

Carriage bolts from FMW Fasteners call for a pre-drilled pilot hole prior to placement and stay in place using a nut and washer. Builders with all levels of experience can use a carriage bolt as long as they have a hammer, drill and adjustable wrench available on-site.

These devices can be removed if necessary, but keep in mind that mushroom head and square neck shapes leave behind an indentation in base materials. As such, you'll want to consider the type of material you're working with and your aesthetic requirements before using this type of fastener.


Carriage bolts are for installations in which you have clear access to both sides of a wooden surface. Begin the fastening process by lining up material surfaces and marking drill points with a pencil. Select a bit size that matches the diameter of your carriage bolt, drill a pilot hole in the wood and guide the threading through the opening.

Consider using a hammer to drive the carriage bolt through the pilot hole if there is any resistance — you want the flat head and neck extension to sit flush against the wooden surface for grip and support. With the carriage bolt threading through the base material, place a washer and nut on the hardware, and then tighten the connections with an adjustable wrench or ratchet set for security.


Struggling to get carriage bolts out? If you ever want to remove a carriage bolt, start by using a wrench or ratchet set to loosen the nut on the threading. Use your fingers to unscrew this piece all the way down to the bottom of the bolt, but do not take the nut off completely. Strike the nut with a hammer to bring the head and locking neck out of the base material.

Once the mushroom head is far enough out, fully remove the nut and pry the carriage bolt out of the wooden surface with the backside of a hammer. Removing carriage bolts in this way prevents the threads from bending, which means you can reuse the hardware for another project.

Benefits of Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts are ideal for many different types of projects in both commercial and residential work. Our dependable, high-quality bolts can be used to fasten beams, assemble equipment, support the construction of enclosures and fencing, and more. Once you know how to use them properly, they're convenient for tackling many different applications.

Whatever type of structure or item you're working on, carriage bolts offer several key benefits to support your project:

  • - Durability: Our strong carriage bolts are built to withstand stress, resist corrosion and continue to deliver the required performance for the long term.
  • - Versatility: Carriage bolts are budget-friendly and can provide dependable fastening capabilities for many types of materials, so you can use them on anything from furniture to outbuildings.
  • - Easy use: When you use carriage bolts, the installation process is fast and easy, helping you work efficiently while getting the optimized reliability you need for the job.
  • - Complementary design: Carriage bolts' design works well with a range of structures and beams, providing a clean, attractive look that enhances your project's overall appeal.


Are you a commercial contractor in need of carriage bolts in bulk quantities? FMW Fasteners has the bolts and wide selection you demand. Our carriage bolts help you better manage your budget, deliver the best possible results and maintain your margins. When you choose FMW Fasteners for hardware orders, we become a trusted member of your team.

Our supply of carriage bolts makes it easy to achieve a polished look when working with wooden beams and structures. Your clients will appreciate the efficiency of our products, as most installations take just minutes to complete. We commonly see our carriage bolts used in the following areas for reliable fastening in schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and beyond:

  • - Building outdoor lofts
  • - Installing ramps for wheelchairs
  • - Creating furniture (benches and tables)
  • - Assembling swing sets and park equipment



We work with do-it-yourself homeowners who need carriage bolts for decking projects and other tasks. Just as we deliver high-quality products for commercial contractors, we do the same for residential users seeking performance and flexibility. Our selection of high-quality bolts provides premium fasteners that can meet your project needs while providing easy-to-use functionality.

You have the opportunity to bring your home improvement vision to life when you work with FMW Fasteners for carriage bolts and hardware accessories. Whether you're handling maple, birch or any type of dense wood, our products allow you to mold foundations with dependability in mind. Take your weekend projects to the next level with carriage bolts ideal for the following tasks:

  • - Making your own fence
  • - Setting up a sandbox enclosure for your kids
  • - Building an outdoor shed
  • - Constructing a barrier for your garden



At FMW Fasteners, we are committed to bringing our customers carriage bolts at excellent prices. Whether we’re serving commercial contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners, we let you place orders in the exact numbers you need to keep timelines right on schedule. 

We pride ourselves on custom fulfillment, quick shipping options and hassle-free returns for the ultimate shopping experience. You can rely on us for cost-effective, highly competitive pricing and exceptional logistics management to get your order to you as fast as possible. Whether you order bulk carriage bolts or just a few, our goal is to make the process efficient and straightforward to help you keep your project on track.

Click on any of our carriage bolt listings for additional information such as sizing, material finish and tensile strength. Once you discover the right hardware for your applications, place an order with FMW Fasteners today!