Spline Drive Hammer Drill Bits

Some jobs require specialized equipment, and masonry is no exception.

If you have a rotary hammer that features a spline shank chuck, you’ll need the best in spline drive hammer drill bits for proper operation and optimal results.

At FMW Fasteners, spline drive hammer drill bits are among the many parts, products and materials you’ll find in our vast selection. We aim to satisfy your requirements in any way possible.

Spline Drive Drill Bits For Sale

We offer spline drive X-cutter hammer drill bits in a wide range of specifications so that you always enjoy access to the specific spline drive hammer drill bits you need. Select from more than 25 available options, as we offer sizes between 5/8 x 10 and 1 1/2 x 22.

All of these options carry the same high standard for industrial quality and performance. These bits utilize four cutters at the tip to effectively bite into various substrates with little difficulty. Once started, a double spiral design facilitates faster, efficient drilling. It will remove more dust than many other models without fear of clogging.

When you require spline drive bits, it's likely that you need them for heavy-duty usage. These bits will hold up to those expectations, as they consist of special steel that provides increased torque resistance.

The KVS-flute touts core reinforcement for enhanced stability, and the tungsten-carbide tips drastically — brazed with silver and copper for added strength — increase the bit's lifespan. Further toughness comes from a unique hardening process, which allows you to tackle harsh working conditions without fear of shortening the bit's life.

The shank uses a typical format of 12 teeth, or splines, to properly fit into the rotary hammer drill collar.

Commercial Uses for Spline Drive Drill Bits

These tools, designed explicitly for rotary hammers with spline drives that see heavy workloads, will cut through most masonry substrates, such as concrete, stone and brick aggregates. When you drill holes through concrete and other thick materials, you'll typically use spline drives help with the installation of concrete fasteners — which usually support rails, doors, cabinetry, gutters, frames and much more.

Continued drilling with spline drives also create channels for wiring and plumbing. When using the bits we supply, you'll create clean, even holes that make your intended purpose easier to achieve.

Whether you're a professional mason, a DIYer or a newbie to craft, our customer service team will do its best to offer guidance during your journey. With an appropriate blend of expertise and inventory knowledge, we'll make the buying process quicker and more comfortable than anywhere else you've ever been.

FMW Fasteners Will Supply Your Spline Drive Bits

Getting quality results from your work is essential, and it demands the best in spline drive hammer drill bits and other materials.

Make sure you’re getting superior drill bits, as well as competitive prices and fast shipping, when you choose FMW Fasteners as your supplier of spline drive hammer drill bits. We specialize in optimizing logistics and creating a more convenient transaction from start to finish.

When you choose FMW Fasteners as your supplier, you always enjoy free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Also, return what you don’t want, need or use at any time — as long as the materials remain in like-new condition. We offer 100 percent hassle-free returns, no questions asked.

Browse our spline drive drill bits today to find your ideal fit.