High Speed Long Boy Drill Bits

When you need to drill long, deep holes, you'll look for high-speed long boy drill bits to achieve desirable results. But you also need high-speed long boy drill bits that align with high standards for quality and durability in the face of various circumstances. After all, your work demands precision and accuracy, and only high-speed long boy drill bits can help you achieve both.

FMW Fasteners prides itself on carrying the tools to meet any request, and our drill bits are no exception.

Versatile and Peformance-Driven Long Boy Drill Bits

At FMW Fasteners, you’ll find a wide selection of different high-speed long boy drill bits, including 12- and 18-inch options. With each length category, you'll see that we carry a vast array of sizes to meet your demand for different-sized holes. Our 12-inch lengths come in 19 variations that scale from 3/16 up to 1 1/8, while the 18-inch models are available in 14 sizes — choose from 3/16 up to 3/4 with a 1/2" shank.

We choose to offer them as part of a large selection because we think it’s essential that our clients are always able to find exactly what they need.

Smaller bits are equipped with 1/2" straight shanks, while bigger options have reduced 1/2" shanks to fit sizes above 1/2". All bits consist of M2 steel, a higher carbon metal characterized by well-balanced resilience, wear resistance and improved affordability compared to other alloys.

You'll receive the long-term durability you prefer and keep that sharp cutting profile for years to come. These bits have the properties to quickly drill through many substrates, including mild steel, cast iron, wood, aluminum and more. These bits maintain a reputation for top-tier performance and convenience because their extra-length flutes contain continuous cutting edges that repeatedly dig deeper and deeper into the substrate while providing fast chip removal.

The bits also feature a non-slip grip, which prevents it from hopelessly spinning in the chuck before catching the right way.

Uses for Long Boy Drill Bits

If you're searching for long boy drill bits, your situation likely calls for drilling holes in places that are difficult to reach or require extra depth. With high-degree split points, these long drill bits benefit from improved penetration, as well as precise accuracy and entry-point location. The added flexibility of these bits makes them ideal for contractors of all kinds.

Use them for roofing and framing when drilling beams, or use them to create channels for electrical wiring and other cables. They also work well with assorted machining and engineering applications.

If you'd like some assistance, you do not have to search alone. Our customer service team will answer your questions or offer guidance whenever necessary, as we aim to make your transactional experience as smooth as possible.

Get Your Long Drill Bits From FMW Fasteners

We handle complex logistics and offer uninhibited availability — you select precisely what you need — to optimize your experience when buying long boy drill bits. From experienced professionals to DIYers, we're happy to accommodate your request and supply you with high-quality tools and accessories.

Get free shipping on all orders of $100 or more when you choose FMW Fasteners as your supplier, and return what you don’t want or need at any time — as long as the materials you ordered remain in like-new condition. When you’re ready to order high-speed long boy drill bits, you’ll get competitive pricing and fast shipping with FMW Fasteners.

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