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For premium quality Phillips modified truss K-lath screws, FMW Fasteners has the selection you're looking for. We have these screws available in a variety of sizes in either black oxide or zinc-plated finish. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, K-lath screws are ideal for many different applications, as they provide highly secure connections and overall increased strength for your project.

What Are K-Lath Screws?

K-lath screws are designed to attach wire lath to light gauge metal or wood. They have self-tapping threads, a self-piercing point and a low-profile head, which is ideal for the installation of these materials. 

K-lath screws with a Phillips drive allow for better centering upon installation. Properly centering the screws reduces spin-outs and creates a cleaner finished look. With its oversized dome head shape and 100-degree undercut, there is also a larger area under the screw's head for a bigger bearing surface. 

Because of their Phillips drive, they should be used with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

What Are the Benefits of K-Lath Screws?

K-lath screws are functional while also providing a polished, smooth look. They offer strong holding power and resiliency, and the black oxide and zinc-plated finish options protect the appearance of the screw. These coatings also make the screws highly corrosion-resistant, which results in better longevity than most screws. 

The holes in lath typically make it difficult for conventional screws to hold the material against a wall or other surface. But with its extra-wide, low-profile head, the K-lath screw is able to catch the lath while still laying flat enough to be covered with a thin layer of cement or plastic.

What Are K-Lath Screws Used For?

K-lath screws are essential for many different fastening jobs involving metal lath. They are typically used for attaching pre-drilled metal brackets to post-framing, stucco/plaster applications and any general-purpose application that requires a wide, low-profile head. 

Why Buy K-Lath Screws From FMW Fasteners?

At FMW Fasteners, we have a wide variety of K-lath screws in different sizes and coating options so you can find the right fit for your unique application. You can also specify the number of screws you want so that you can get the exact quantity you need rather than ending up with extras you won't use. 

All of our products are also available at competitive rates, so you can trust that you are getting the best deal on your screws. We also provide quick shipping times to ensure you receive your items promptly. 

If you decide for any reason that you don't need the K-lath screws you ordered, you can return them in unused condition for a full refund. Returns with us are 100 percent hassle-free, and there is no "return by" date, so you can send them back to us at any time. 

FMW Fasteners provides the hard-to-find solutions you need most. Browse our selection of K-lath screws and other products today to find the fastener solutions you have been looking for.