Simpson TITEN HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchors

Simpson TITEN HD® Heavy Duty Screw Anchor

Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors are fastening solutions used in masonry and concrete applications. These fasteners are known to offer incredible holding power, both in uncracked and cracked concrete. The Simpson TITEN HD® is also proven under both static load and seismic applications and can be used permanently in interior applications or temporarily in outdoor applications.

You’ll find that Simpson TITEN HD® screws anchors meet the highest quality benchmarks, including testing that adheres to ICC-ES AC 193, ACI355.2 and ICC-ES AC106 standards. Also, the Simpson TITEN HD® meets the fatigue testing standards outlined in ASTM E488.

Order your Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors in a number of different diameters, including 3/8, ½, 5/8 and ¾. For each diameter, you will find a wide range of length options. These diameter and length combinations help ensure you can always find the perfect Simpson TITEN HD® anchor for the job.

To give you as much information as possible as you make a decision on Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors, here’s a list of commonly asked questions and their answers.

What exactly Is a TITEN HD® Heavy Duty Screw Anchor?

The TITEN HD® is an application specific heavy duty screw anchor, designed for use in concrete and masonry and primarily in structural applications where performance in both uncracked and cracked concrete is a requirement.

These Simpson Titen HD screw anchors are manufactured to deliver the utmost in durability and quality. They are also specially designed to reduce the possibility of corrosion and to ensure that the fastener performs well over the long run. Any user who wants corrosion-free anchors will find these fasteners to be the ideal solution.

Who would typically use a TITEN HD® Anchor?

TITEN HD’s are extremely easy to use and don’t require any exotic tools for installation other than a standard drill so anyone from a DIY’er that needs to install into concrete for a backyard project to contractors that need to install structural anchor points in concrete, masonry or CMU block can use TITEN HD’s.

That’s one of the great benefits of choosing Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors — they are accessible to anyone. Whether you’re a contractor, construction professional or a do-it-yourself enthusiast taking on a weekend project, you want to do your best work and deliver high-quality, professional-grade results. With TITEN HD® Anchors from Simpson Strong-Tie, you can do just that, quickly and easily.

At FMW Fasteners, how are TITEN HD® Anchors sold?

We offer both small box quantities for the less involved jobs and larger bulk cartons for bigger projects. With this particular product coming packaged by the manufacturer, we sell based on SImpson’s packaged quantities.

You’ll find Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors available in a number of different quantities that are selected to meet the needs of the same customers Simpson Strong-Tie has been serving for 60-plus years.

What different types of TITEN HD® Anchors are there?

TITEN HD® anchors are available in both zinc plated carbon steel or mechanically galvanized carbon steel which is intended for some pressure-treated wood sill plate applications.

As with all Simpson Strong-Tie products, the Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors are designed to deliver long-term performance in even the toughest environments. Each of the different material and coating types are tested and manufactured to ensure they get the job done even under harsh conditions.

How long has FMW Fasteners been selling Simpson TITEN HD® Anchor systems?

We have been selling this particular anchor product since it was introduced by Simpson Strong-Tie in 2006.But the Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchor represents many more years of knowledge and expertise. Simpson Strong-Tie has been serving customers of all kinds for more than 60 years, and this particular project is the culmination of decades of experience and learning about what makes a high-quality fastener.

Are there any particular things to consider when using TITEN HD® Anchors?

There are many considerations with this product being an anchor product, but two major points to understand have to do with installation and the application environment.

  1. These anchors are recommended for permanent installation in dry, interior non-corrosive environments OR for temporary outdoor applications. Even the mechanically galvanized product is designed to comply with requirements specific to pressure treated lumber, not corrosion resistance. Make sure that you are clear on any corrosion resistance requirements before using this type of anchor product.
  2. A feature of this type of anchor product is that they are easily removable, so they are great for temporary applications like outdoor event tents or other types of temporary structures. They are NOT, however intended for multiple uses, they are a single use anchor. Repeated installation will result in excessive thread wear which in turn will reduce the load capacity and effectiveness of the anchor itself, so we always like to point out that even though these anchors are easily removable, they are still a single use anchor.

What Makes TITEN HD® Anchors Different Than Other Fasteners?

TITEN HD® Anchors stand out from the many other fastening options for three primary reasons:

  1. Design: These anchors represent the most innovative thinking and design in fastener development. The tips of these anchors include serrated threads that undercut concrete as the fastener enters the hole. This undercutting creates a path for the other threads to begin to interlock within the concrete. Hardened carbon steel is used in the construction of these anchors so they’re tough and durable enough for this cutting action.
  2. Construction: The carbon-steel material used to create these anchors is ideal for limiting the grooved cut during installation. If corrosion does occur, the limited mass reduces the chance of damage to the actual concrete. Other stainless steel anchors are constructed differently, often through welding the end of the anchor to a carbon segment. While this is a simple way to construct an anchor, it does leave the fastener prone to rust after installation. This rust leads to the rapid expansion of the fastener, which in turn leads to cracking and other damage to the concrete.
  3. Resistance: When you’re installing anchors in outdoor areas that are rainy or that are exposed to chemicals, corrosion is always a risk. These anchors blend undercutting performance with corrosion-resistant material to ensure the integrity of your fasteners and the project as a whole.

How Are Simpson TITEN HD® Screw Anchors Installed?

Install your Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors in five easy steps:

  1. Drill a pilot hole in the base material using a hammer drill with a carbide bit. Make sure your drill and bit meet ANSI standard and drill the pilot hole in the same diameter as the Simpson TITEN HD® you’re using. You’ll want to drill your hole at least a half-inch deeper than your screw anchor will extend.
  2. Clean away dust and debris from your pilot hole using compressed air. Your hole should be completely clear of this debris before you begin to install the Simpson TITEN HD®.
  3. Make sure your fixture hole and the hole in the base material are perfectly aligned and then insert the Simpson TITEN HD® into the fixture hole and through the base material.
  4. The head of the Simpson TITEN HD® should turn clockwise until the head of the anchor lands flush against the fixture. Never use an impact wrench to install a Simpson TITEN HD® into CMU that is also hollow.
  5. If you run into any trouble that prevents the Simpson TITEN HD® from landing flush against the fixture, remove the screw anchor and make sure all dust and debris have been cleared out of the pilot hole. When you try again, drive the Simpson TITEN HD® by hand to ensure no cross-threading occurs.

Why Is TITEN a Trusted Name?

TITEN HD® Heavy-Duty Screw Anchors are manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie, a company whose roots and experience date back to 1956. It was that year that a neighbor’s brother asked Barclay Simpson to help him create a fastener that would connect 2x4s to create a roof. More than 60 years later, Simpson Strong-Tie is a world leader in producing structural solutions like TITEN HD® Heavy-Duty Screw Anchors.

Not only does Simpson Strong-Tie focus on creating outstanding products, but they also emphasize putting customers and their needs above all else. Today, Simpson Strong-Tie remains committed to quality and innovation as well as serving the customer by doing what's best. Each fastener the company produces is designed, manufactured and delivered with the backing of 60-plus years of experience and service.

About FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we emphasize two things above all else: 1) Delivering quality products, and 2) Doing whatever it takes to meet the unique needs of our valued customers.

That’s why we choose to include Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors in our selection. These fasteners are high-quality materials sold by a manufacturer that values their customers just as much as we do. We are committed to ensuring you get only the best of the best in fastening solutions, and Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors certainly fit that description.

We also like to ensure you have options when searching for different fastening solutions for your upcoming projects. That's why we offer a huge spectrum of other fasteners and fastener accessories and tools. We know your projects are too urgent for materials to be scarce or hard to come by, so we make our fasteners as accessible as possible.

You get everyday low prices when you choose FMW Fasteners. You also enjoy fast and affordable shipping, including free shipping on orders of $25 or more. You can order many of our products in any amount you like rather than in preset bulk quantities. And you can always return what you don't want or need at any time if the materials are still in like-new condition.

You want to do your best work and deliver quality results you can be proud of. We want to equip you with the materials needed to achieve those goals. Choose FMW Fasteners and you’ll find the Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors you need as well as a wide range of other fastening solutions that are all available at affordable prices and that can all be shipped quickly to wherever you’re doing your work.

Browse our selection of Simpson TITEN HD® screw anchors today.

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