Building & Construction Customers Optimistic About Economic Growth for the Rest of 2015

According to the latest business survey from FMW Fasteners, business customers are feeling more optimistic about future business growth in 2015 than in 2014.

Over the last six months, 56 per cent of business customers surveyed said that economic conditions had improved for them, but 31 per cent stated that the business environment had remained the same.

13 per cent felt that business conditions had deteriorated in the past six months.

When asked about business conditions over the next six months 65 per cent of customers said they believed conditions would improve and 25 per cent of customers said they would remain the same.

Only 10 per cent of customers believed conditions would deteriorate.

Business confidence is much higher among businesses in the building and construction trade. 59 per of those said business conditions had improved in the past six months and this increased to 73 per cent who believe there will be an improvement in the next six months.

But when self-employed tradesmen were asked, then the number remained at 51 per cent for an improvement in business conditions for the past six months and the next six months.

“I think there is a genuine optimism,” says Steve Baker, Marketing Director, FMW Fasteners. “When we talk to our customers about how their business is faring, we’re getting more stories of how order books are picking up – particularly as the housing market seems to be seeing an uplift. We’re seeing a marked change in DIY purchases too – we’re translating this as a signal that people are feeling a bit more settled after a period of financial austerity.

“With the Federal Reserve predicting continued moderate improvement and with GDP expected to grow 2.3% - 2.7% in 2015, we’re expecting a livelier fastener market for the remainder of the year. Our customers come to FMW Fasteners because we offer honest pricing of quality products with fast delivery and great customer service. It’s great that they’re feeling more positive.”

Full Survey Results

Q1 – Over the last 6 months, how would you say business conditions have been?

Improved considerably – 22.40%

Improved slightly – 33.88%

Remained the same – 31.15%

Deteriorated slightly – 9.29%

Deteriorated considerably – 3.28%

Q2 – In the last 6 months, how would you feel business conditions will be?

Improved considerably – 22.95%

Improved slightly – 42.08%

Remained the same – 25.14%

Deteriorated slightly – 8.20%

Deteriorated considerably – 1.64%

The survey was undertaken between February 24 2015 and March 15 2015 with 183 building and construction businesses choosing to participate.


To arrange a conversation please contact Steve Baker at or call 713-688-6021

Notes to editors:

FMW Fasteners, founded in 1986, is a premier online provider of anchor products, nuts, bolts, socket products and screws. It stocks only premium, contractor grade products.

FMW offers trade and personal customers the best available products, at low prices, in a simple, easy to use interface, with low cost and no-cost shipping. 

FMW Fasteners HQ is based in Houston, Texas and is rated 5 stars by customers on Trustpilot.

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