Top sought after fastener in history is from the Apollo 11 Command Module say FMW

The top sought after fastener in history was used on the Apollo 11 Command Module, says FMW Fasteners.

Over 300 people were asked, if you could choose to have one souvenir fastener from history, which one would you choose?

The top three chosen were  the Apollo 11 Command Module (17 per cent); 1903 Harley Davidson (16 per cent) and a tie for third between the Space Shuttle Discovery and the 1927 Ford Model T (with 15 per cent each).

Next was The Mayflower (11 per cent); the 1903 Wright Flyer (11 per cent); the 1990 No 3 Goodwrench Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR (5 per cent) and the Bell X1 (5 per cent).

So the hunt is now on to see who might have access to these Fasteners, and more importantly, are they prepared to donate one to a good cause.

Steve Baker, Marketing Director from FMW Fasteners said: ‘Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could get a couple of these fasteners and auction them off for a great cause. The idea came about when we saw that Ferrari was selling their GT Engine Fastener screws online in a handmade methacrylate sculpture that contain an original Maranello GT engine fastener screw.’

‘That set us thinking – if you could choose any fastener in history what one would mean most? And that’s where the list came from. Personally, I’d love to get hold of a 1903 Harley Davidson fastener. But all of them show the great pioneering and innovation spirit of our nation.’

The full results are:

1.       Apollo 11 Command Module – 16.89%

2.       1903 Harley Davidson – 15.86%

3=.     1927 Ford Model T – 14.90%

3=.     Space Shuttle – Discovery – 14.90%

5.       The Mayflower – 11.26%

6.       1903 Wright Flyer – 10.60%

7.       1990 No.3 Goodwrench Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR – 5.30%

8.       Bell X-1 – 4.64%


To arrange a conversation please contact Steve Baker at or call 713-688-6021

Notes to editors:

The survey was undertaken between February 24 and March 15 with 302 people choosing to participate.

Full survey results can be found at

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