Top 10 fastener products to look out for in 2015

When I was asked recently which products would I use for a project, I couldn’t look beyond the great range from Strong-Drive.

So when deciding on my Top 10 for 2015 then it had to be from Strong-Point’s extensive range.

1) Strong-Drive® SDWS TIMBER Screw - An easy to install, high strength alternative to through-bolting and traditional lag screws. Highly corrosion resistant and suitable for treated lumber.

2) Strong-Drive® SDWH TIMBER-HEX Screw - Ideal for general purpose applications where a hex-head drive is preferred. Doesn’t require pre-drilling and highly corrosion resistant.

3) Strong-Drive® SDWH TIMBER-HEX SS Screw - Highly corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. Designed to outperform standard lag screws in a smaller diameter product. Removes the need for pre-drilling in most applications.

4) Strong-Drive® SDW TRUSS-PLY Screw - Specifically designed for fastening multi-ply members such as joining plated trusses and solid-sawn lumber. Is available in lengths optimized for fastening 2, 3 and 4-ply trusses.

5) Strong-Drive® SDW EWP-PLY Screw - Designed for fastening multi-ply wood members, such as engineered wood products and solid-sawn lumber. Offers easy installation with no pre-drilling required. Large washer head provides maximum bearing area.

6) Strong-Drive® SDWC TRUSS Screw - Application specific structural wood screws designed for stud-to-bottom plate or stud-to-top-plate connections. Screws are fully threaded to engage the entire length of the shank.

7) Strong-Drive® SDWS LOG Screw - Designed for log home construction and general interior application. The longer lengths require less torque to install than comparable fasteners and the large diameter head pulls logs tightly together, eliminating the need to use extra washers for a tight installation.

8) Strong-Drive® SWDF FLOOR-TO-FLOOR Screw - These screws simplify the wind-uplift restraint connection while providing superior performance. They are faster to install than other floor-to-floor connection methods and they install from inside the structure, eliminating exterior work on upper stories.

9) Strong-Drive® SDS HEAVY-DUTY CONNECTOR Screw - A high strength structural wood screw designed to outperform a ⅜ lag screw in a smaller ¼ diameter size. Available in both 316 stainless steel and double-barrier coating for corrosion resistance and for use in treated wood.

10) Strong-Drive® SD CONNECTOR Screw - Specifically designed to replace 10d or 16d common nails in applications where due to tight spaces a screw is more convenient to install than a nail. ¼ hex drive aids in installation where control is critical, reducing cam-out.

Strong-Point products meet both the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) requirements.

The FMW Fasteners Team

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