A Winter Log Home or Cabin Build – Fasteners that are fit for purpose

We had quite a heated discussion in HQ this week about keeping building through the winter.

Some of the team said it was more of a personal choice that if you built through winter, particularly if you’re building a new home or even a log cabin in the woods, that their choice would be to build through winter and have the whole summer to enjoy it. That their kids would be settled in time for school and they could enjoy the holidays. Others said they’d prefer to keep warm and hibernate!

That being said, there are advantages to keeping going through winter. You keep your crews busy. There’s no waiting until Spring with all the costs associated with not being productive. You keep on schedule. Sometimes cost can actually go down.

What’s important at FMW though is that we have products from the likes of Log Hog® like the Heavy Duty Log Home Fastener to keep you building, no matter the weather.

The Log Hog® Heavy Duty Log Home Fastener is an extra heavy duty log home fastener that’s designed for specific home construction. It’s corrosion resistant guaranteed, doesn’t need pre-drilling and it countersinks into the log, meaning no sledgehammer required. We love these because they make the job a whole lot easier.

So you might have to work through a few snow flurries working December through February, but the reality is it’s easier to tarp snow than rain. To make it even easier, there is free delivery on all orders over $25 so you can stock up on supplies wherever you are.

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