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At FMW Fasteners we're proud to stock the following FastenMaster products:






FastenMaster is a division of OMG, Inc. headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts. Founded in 1981, it is specifically concerned with developing and providing outstanding products to pro contractors.

We stock a huge range of structural screws from their portfolio as FastenMaster continues to work with distributors like us and contractors to further improve and innovate the range.

This range of LOK fasteners comply with the most current building codes and their ICC-ES Evaluation Report demonstrates this to installers and code officials and provides engineers with critical values needed to design safe installations.

They are the most recognized reports used by code officials across the United States.

FastenMaster’s goal is to help you be even more successful by offering products which not only leave you with a sense of pride in the quality and structural integrity of the craftsmanship, but also products that help reduce the cost of installation.

FastenMaster supports its pro contractors in a number of ways. We particularly like the PROStar program which is for professional contractors who value code compliance in building practice as well as innovation and the chance to be part of an elite network of professional contractors.

FastenMaster PROStar members receive a monthly PROStar e-news; can enter Pro Spotlight contests and receive invites to exclusive industry events. They can also apply to participate in FastenMaster’s PRO Star video series highlighting pro contractors who take great pride in their craftsmanship.

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