Weather-Proof Your Solar Panel Investment

When new legislation comes into play it can be a daunting prospect! Especially if it involves products or processes that construction companies have never used before. Take the new solar panel rules now in force in San Francisco, where all new buildings of 10 floors or less must have solar panels installed.

For those companies in the construction sector who have never worked with solar panels before, there are many questions they could face, such as:

  • What is the best way to secure a solar panel to a roof?
  • What parts are needed to fix a solar panel to a roof?
  • What are the best products to use to secure a solar panel to a roof?
  • What can go wrong if the incorrect products are used to secure a solar panel to a roof?

Luckily, FMW Fasteners have spent time looking into what's needed for solar panel installation. They wanted to find out if there are specialist solar panel fixtures that are required and if they needed to stock new products for their customers. They were very surprised to find out that the good old hex lag screw is fundamental in securing the panels to the roofing!

The hex lag screw is one of FMW's best-selling and most reliable fasteners. It also just happens to be an essential fastener in even the most modern installations, such as solar panels.

For many, the thought of solar panels makes them think of bright sunshine. However these sensitive panels also have to survive in all weathers: ice, snow and sea salt are just some of the elements they have to endure. For this reason, FMW recommend that the stainless steel hex lag screw is used as a secure fastener for outdoor uses, as this will combat all-weather corrosion. A selection of stainless steel hex lag screws can be found on the FMW Fasteners website:

So the recommendation from FMW Fasteners is a simple one. Protect your investment all year round and ensure any solar panels fitted are secured by high quality reliable screws such as the trusty stainless steel hex lag screw.

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