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Phillips Flat Undercut Machine Screws Black Zinc Plated

If you’re in need of undercut machine screws for your next construction job, these Phillips flat undercut screws could be just what you’re looking for. These particular undercut flat head screws have an 82-degree undercut. This level of undercut allows a smooth, flush installation. The black zinc plating over stainless steel means these undercut flathead machine screws are corrosion and rust-resistant, durable and reliable.

The acidic, low-temperature powdered coating consists of black zinc die casting, galvanized stock and electroplated zinc parts. They can be left as-is for a decorative touch or used as a base for organic coatings like paints, waxes, lacquers or oils.

FMW Fasteners offers Phillips undercut screws in a range of thread pitches to suit your particular needs — everything from 2-56 to 10-32 undercut screws, ¼-20, 12-24 and more. If you're not sure which type of Phillips flat undercut machine screws you need, our rates are affordable enough that you can buy a few different types to see which are suitable.

Remember that no order is too small — you can buy one order of screws or 100, and we're happy to accommodate you. Plus, our no-hassle return policy means that if you do purchase the wrong type of screw and need to return them and buy a different type, you should expect to have no problems. We think you'll find our customer service is the best in the business.

Order Your Black Zinc-Plated Phillips Flat Undercut Machine Screws Today

To get your construction job done, you need the right fasteners at the right time. That’s where FMW Fasteners come in. Getting you the products you need and getting them to you fast is our specialty, whether you need a small amount of product or a large amount. Shipping is fast, affordable and easy. In fact, shipping for any order over $25 is completely free, so you can add that to the many benefits of ordering your screws through FMW Fasteners.

The last thing you need to worry about when starting a construction job is running out of the right type of screw. When you order your construction fasteners from FMW Fasteners, you can make sure that never happens. We have a wide variety of screws, bolts and other fasteners in stock and we’re always ready to ship them right to you so you can get started on your construction job or keep going without interruption if your job is already in progress.

We’re ready to be your go-to source for construction fasteners. So if you need some of these quality, attractive, durable screws, don’t wait. Put in your order with FMW Fasteners today.

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