Tamper Proof Screws - Inch

No matter what type of project you’re starting work on, it’s likely you’ll need a range of different screw types to achieve the results you want. At FMW Fasteners, we offer a vast selection of screws, including tamper-proof screws. Our tamper-proof screws are available in a wide range of specifications and styles. You’ll find in our vast selection Torx tamper-proof screws, hex socket tamper-proof screws, one-way tamper-proof screws, drilled spanner tamper-proof screws and much more.

What Is a Tamper-Proof Screw?

Tamper proof screws are the best fastener option to ensure your next structure withstands the test of time without unwanted interference. Unlike tamper-resistant screws, which with some ingenuity, persistence and strong tools can be removed, tamper-proof screws are nearly impossible to remove without a specialized tool designed specifically for installing that fastener type.

Standard tamper-proof screws are available in a wide variety of manufacturing materials to accommodate any type of environment and come in Torx, hex, one way and drilled spanner head types. By using tamper proof screws, you’re assured lasting protection, dependability and security.

Best Uses for Standard Tamper Proof Screws

Tamper proof screws are utilized by a wide range of industries, and are effective solutions to ensure minimal tampering, prevent loss prevention, theft or vandalism and deterring inexperienced personnel from attempting maintenance or repairs. You’ll find commonly find tamper proof screws securing equipment and fixtures throughout the following industries:

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Public Places and Transit
  • Medical Facilities and Hospitals

A Variety of Tamper Proof Screws Only at FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we understand you need specialized, quality solutions to finish your next job properly and that’s why we offer the widest and most diverse selection of tamper proof screws. With our standard tamper-proof screws, you can improve the efficiency, service life and functionality of your installations. Find materials that can provide durable results in a variety of different locations, including alloy steel, stainless steel, 18-8 stainless steel, black and zinc plated, with superior strength qualities and corrosion resistant finishes.

Our tamper-proof screws are also available in the following popular tamper proof screw head types:

  • Torx: Screws with a Torx head feature a six pointed star configuration requiring a specific tool for insertion and removal — tamper-proof Torx screws have a central pin for preventing unwanted adjustments.
  • Hex socket: A hex socket tamper-proof screw also has a six-sided design with a recessed socked and added security pin.
  • One way: Ideally used in permanent installations, one-way screws look like a standard Phillips head type on first glance, but require a specialized tool for insertion that cannot easily reverse the direction of the screw.
  • Drilled spanner: Also referred to as snake eyes or pig nose screw heads, the two small indentations in the face of this screw ensure it cannot be easily interfered with.

Unmatched Quality and Wide Fastener Options Available at FMW Fasteners

When you choose to shop with FMW Fasteners, you enjoy access to a wide selection, as well as the ability to buy in the exact quantity you need. Enjoy free shipping on qualified orders and send back what you don’t use at any time — there are no return-by dates at FMW Fasteners.

Our focus is connecting customers like you with the fastening solutions you need — even the hard-to-find ones. Browse our selection to find tamper-proof screws for your next project, and get in touch with us at any time should have questions or need assistance.