Toggler Specialty Anchors

You might need specialty anchors to hang objects on your wall and ensure they stay attached. If your unique projects require specialty anchors, we have you covered. Find shelving anchors, picture hooks and more from FMW Fasteners today. 


What Are Specialty Anchors?

Wall anchors are inserts that combine with screws to ensure that the wall holds whatever objects you want to hang. Wall anchors create a secure mount on the drywall panel. Anchors penetrate further and more securely than a standard screw, making them indispensable for hanging important objects. 

While they attach to walls like any other drywall anchor, specialty anchors have unique ends to suit specific applications. In addition to multipurpose drywall anchors, we carry specialty anchors that work with particular shelving units or systems to give you tailored hanging results. 

What Are Specialty Anchors Used For?

Specialty anchors go a step beyond standard anchors to ensure that your objects stay attached firmly to the wall. When you use specialty anchors, you'll get the benefits of their tailored use. If you're planning on hanging many similar items, it's helpful to use specialty anchors to keep everything in place. 

Specialty hangers work with a wide variety of items, including: 

  • - Shelves
  • - Picture frames
  • - Boards
  • - Mounts

At FMW Fasteners, you can find specialty anchors to suit your unique purposes. We'll help you find a suitable mount for all of your applications.

Available Types of Anchors

We carry Toggler brand anchors to ensure you get maximum strength and high-quality products. Whether you're installing a shelving unit or creating a collage for your home, we can help. Our specialty anchors handle various uses and deliver long-lasting results every time. 

Our available inventory includes: 

  • - Picture hook hangers: Our Toggler specialty picture hook holds the weight of the picture hook on the screw to keep your frame in the correct spot and prevent sagging.
  • - Wire shelf anchor: This anchor has a locking clip so the shelves won't tip, even if they're unevenly loaded.
  • - Pegboard anchor: This anchor has a built-in spacer that allows the peg hooks to work without touching the wall.
  • - Specialty shelf hanger: The spacer prevents this wall anchor from jacking out from the wall during installation.

Discover our full selection of anchors and hangers when you work with FMW Fasteners today. All of our anchors come in multiple quantities to suit your needs. We sell anchors by the box to give you the best deal possible. 

Discover Our Custom Specialty Anchors Today

At FMW Fasteners, we've been delivering premium fasteners since 1986. We're committed to quality service and products. We only carry the best fasteners and specialty anchors so you can feel prepared to tackle any project. 

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